Noise Exclusive: Learn A Lesson In Self-Love With Crooked Teeth’s Powerful New Song “Hate Me”


Look, we’re sure we don’t need to remind you that there are some pretty shitty people in the world – just look at the White House, for example. Thanks to social media, it’s easier now than ever to put somebody down and make them feel small for simply being who they are – again, hi White House.

Nonetheless, in a world full of negativity, it’s important to shine a light on the positive, uplifting individuals who embrace themselves to the fullest regardless of whoever or whatever is trying to bring them down. 

Thankfully we aren’t alone in this notion as up-and-coming alt-rock act Crooked Teeth have made a music video all about this idea for their brand new single “Hate Me.”

Starring five individuals who tell their stories of name-calling and shaming and how they overcame it, pretty much, the band’s new video is the pick-me-up we all probably need right about now.

“For the “Hate Me” video we decided to head back to Phoenix to shoot with our bud Cory at Yellow Box films,” says vocalist/bassist Tyson Evans. “Cory and I had a bunch of thoughts on execution for this one but it always centered around the premise of putting the focus on individuals who are prone to facing adversity in their everyday lives simply for being who they are.”  

“Our music is always written from the heart and for the heart,” Evans added. “In saying that, I feel it’s important that we also put the spotlight on others and their experiences. We’re very proud of this video, the character and honesty of the individuals portrayed, and in declaring that hope that the viewer/listener can take something positive from it!”

As for the upbeat song itself, which is taken from Crooked Teeth’s forthcoming EP Honey (due out November 16th on Rude Records), Evans says:  

“This was the first song we tracked for the record and truthfully, we had no idea what it would even end up on. We wrapped up a tour in November of last year in Portland and headed straight to Interlace Studios with Matt Lang the next day. We wanted to stay consistent with the sort of vibes we exhibited in “Crawl” while still offering something new and that signaled maturity in our songwriting. The intro/chorus outro is my favorite and reminds me of Futures era Jimmy Eat World.”

To check out the confident new track and its accompanying video, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order Honey here