Noise Exclusive: It’s Time To “Reconnect” Yourself Thanks To Electro-Rock Duo Nutronic


Every now and then, it’s important to remove yourself from technology. As much as it’s an assist in our everyday life, you don’t want to forget about the world outside of your smartphone. 

Once you do decide to purge yourself from all internet-based items, it’s imperative to then take that time to focus on yourself. Forget about work, forget about your ex, concentrate on you.   

Exploring this concept of self-contemplation and revamping your inner self is electro-rock duo Nutronic. For their newest single “Reconnect,” Jeremy Strickland and Nick Dyson took inspiration from past work and created a pulsating, drum-heavy track all about introspection.  

“‘Reconnect’ is a reaction to our song ‘Go Dark,’ a song that wants to unplug from the afflictions of modern society and screen dependence,” explains the freethinking two-piece. “Where ‘Go Dark’ was about disconnection, ‘Reconnect’ is about finding light in that darkness: self-reflection, growth. Recently, our songs have taken a more organic approach to writing and recording. In ‘Reconnect,’ we wanted to emphasize that spirit.”

To check out Nutronic’s hypnotic new single available via FiXT, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from the electronic pair, head here