Noise Exclusive: Hear The Anix Welcome You To The Future With New Electro-Rock Track “If This World Is With You”


Generally, when movies and TV shows depict what it would be like in the year 2020, very rarely do they get it right. We don’t know about you but we have yet to see any flying cars, mind-activated hoverboards or whacky Jetsons-like attire. 

However, there is one thing a lot of those works of fiction get right: the music. 

Thinking about films based around the 2020′s like The Terminator, Doom, even Hot Tub Time Machine 2, the soundtrack for those future-based flicks tend to include electronic-based music similar to the sounds of The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails, Starset and Muse.  

Another artist you can include on that list of progressive sci-fi-friendly bands is the innovative electro-rock act The Anix.   

Gearing up for a busy 2020, today the cutting edge act led by founder Brandon Smith is teaming up with The Noise to premiere their brand new single “If This World Is With You.”  

Talking about the progressive new track, Smith said, “‘If This World Is With You’ is the lead single for my upcoming 2020 album, so it was important for me to set the mood of what to expect throughout the year. My primary inspiration for the new album will be imagining a future era of music based on what was happening in the early 1990s, so think ‘2094.’” 

“Rather than going hyper futuristic,” Smith added, “I am keeping the roots close to the source, however introducing genre-bending concepts such as the electronic feel of The Prodigy with the recklessness of Sonic Youth and Nirvana. Simplicity will be another focus, drawing inspiration from The Smashing Pumpkins track ‘Zero’ but adding additional electronic layers to the track to give a deeper hyper-dimensional sound which wasn’t present on most ‘grunge’ tracks from the 90s.”

For a taste of The Anix’s new forward-thinking sound coming soon via FiXT, be sure to check out “If This World Is With You” below. Afterward, for more from the band, head here.