Noise Exclusive: Help Get A Grip On Life With Dead Friends’ Reflective Hard-Hitting Track “Torches”


Thanks to likes of Facebook and Instagram – no pun intended – people have become more and more inclined to align themselves with certain entities to make their lives feel fulfilled and purposeful. Whether it’s a community gardening group, a Drake fan club or an organization dedicated to your favorite moth memes, everybody wants to be a part of something. 

Unfortunately, this unhealthy obsession with being attached to or “following” something only interferes with who you truly are. Expanding on this idea of feeling the need to belong, today The Noise is teaming up with budding hard rock outfit Dead Friends to premiere their hard-hitting, eye-opening track “Torches.”

When asked about the song taken from their forthcoming soon-to-be-announced EP,  lead vocalist/guitarist Austin Redford said: “I think subconsciously people feel like we need our lives to be defined by something comprehensible – anything from political or religious affiliation to a job or a favorite sports team. ‘Torches’ is about clinging too closely to those life-defining elements and the devastating realization that you’re not a complete person without them.“

To check out the band’s killer new tune, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from the Virginia Beach-based band, head here