Noise Exclusive: Hear The Word Alive Examine Their Existence With Reflective New Single “Burning Your World Down”


In a social media-led world where fabricated and fictitious lifestyles are rewarded with likes and follows, it’s about time we reshape our value system as we head into a new decade.   

Leading that charge by zeroing in on authenticity and self-realization, longtime noisemakers The Word Alive have just released their powerful new single “Burning Your World Down.”  

“‘Maybe I’m running from myself / But blaming someone else.’ These are the first lyrics you’ll hear from our brand new song ‘Burning Your World Down’ because it’s time for all of us to take ownership of our thoughts and actions,“ explains frontman Telle Smith. "Have you ever felt like you were bending pieces of who you are to fit someone else’s mold? We wanted to break the mold we feel we were forced to adhere to creatively.”

Smith continued, “‘Who is The Word Alive?’ We had to answer that question for ourselves before we made our new album and we feel that this song is a great statement out of the gate. We are The Word Alive — and we just had to be ourselves for the first time ever. This song represents a breaking point. It’s about taking things into your own hands and letting the passion that ultimately flows within all of us be released unapologetically. If you feel like you’re not living up to who or what you know you’re capable of being, this song can be your anthem. It will be ours.”

Coming in as their first new track since the release of their 2018 genre-blending LP Violent Noise, Smith and Co. are hoping to use “Burning Your World Down” as a way to bridge the gap until fans get to hear even more new music in 2020. 

"We wanted to share 'Burning Your World Down’ at the end of 2019 because it represents both where we have been but prepares listeners for what will be an amazing year for our band and our fans in 2020 when we unveil our sixth studio album,” shares Smith. “We didn’t chase where we were, what we’ve made previously, what our peers had done or are doing. We stopped listening to all the outside noise and we just focused on writing the most honest songs we could.” 

Smith added, “We pushed ourselves, pushed our boundaries and we will certainly push the boundaries of what people perceive as The Word Alive. We wrote an album that will define The Word Alive and this is just the beginning. Welcome to the new chapter of our story.”

For your first taste of what’s to come from The Word Alive, be sure to check out the infectious thought-provoking single below. Afterward, make sure to grab tickets to see The Word Alive out on tour with Our Last Night, I See Stars and Ashland here.