Noise Exclusive: Hear The Noble (ex-Vanna) Preach Positivity With Ear-Shattering Single “Helmet”


Happy hump day, everybody. Looking to help keep you guys motivated through the rest of the week, we’re excited to share the exclusive premiere of The Noble’s punishing-yet-uplifting debut single “Helmet.”

Featuring ex-Vanna drummer Brandon Davis, The Nobel’s newest track is a head-jarring, pit-slamming tune backed by a positive message of never giving in no matter what kind of messed up shit life decides to deal you.    

“’Helmet’ is about staying determined and keeping forward momentum in life,” explains Davis. “It’s important to always get back up when the difficulties of life knock you down.”

To check out The Nobel’s lead single off their forthcoming EP Abolitionism (due out April 20th), be sure to look below. For more from the band, head here.