Noise Exclusive: Hear The Anchor Breathe New Life Into Heavy Music With Their Latest LP


In today’s world of never-ending playlists, streaming services and social media sites suggesting the “next big thing” in music, it can be pretty overwhelming trying to weed through the clutter and discover an artist you truly connect with.

Doing our best to help eliminate that daunting feeling and bring back the excitement of finding your next favorite band, today The Noise is extremely excited to be giving you an early listen to The Anchor’s captivating sophomore LP Breathe.

Coming in at 10 sonically charged and melodically profound tracks, Breathe is, well, a breath of fresh air in the heavy music community. Harkening back on a previous era of heavy music while still remaining considerably fresh, the latest from the Denver natives shows exactly why they’ve been able to create quite a buzz for themselves.   

Discussing the brand new album which is set to hit stores tomorrow on Manic Kat Records, frontwoman Linzey Rae says, “Breathe expresses the struggles of change, loss, fear and inadequacy – the fight of taking one more step forward and allowing time to heal. We hope that you will find understanding and hear your own stories being told within this album.” 

For your first taste at what is sure to be one of your favorite releases of 2019, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pick up a copy of Breathe here.