Noise Exclusive: Hear Sunsleeper Open Up With Honest Emo Rock Track “Soften Up”


Whether you’d like to admit it or not, we’re pretty sure everyone reading this has had an experience of acting like things are okay, when deep down, they actually know that’s not quite true – it’s fine to open up about it, we’ve all been there. 

Taking this grim and all-too-familiar occurrence and detailing it via an infectious emo rock track is Salt Lake City outfit Sunsleeper. Teaming up with The Noise to premiere their upbeat single titled “Soften Up,” the Rude Records signees are hoping to shine a light on becoming more honest with your own emotions. 

“’Soften Up’ is about internalizing feelings of disdain while presenting myself as put together on the outside,” explains vocalist/guitarist Jeffery Mudgett. “The music video was filmed at our guitarist Matt’s house, which is also where our promos were taken featuring his cat George who is way cuter than we are. We tried to get George in the video but the music was too loud.” 

Mudgett went on to add, “The video and song parallel each other in that on the inside is where the discomfort and anxiety lives, and on the outside, we put up a front and smile like nothing is wrong.” 

To check out band’s honest new song produced by All Get Out’s Nathan Hussey as well as it’s accompanying music video (unfortunately not featuring George the cat), be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from the Sunsleeper, head here