Noise Exclusive: Hear Smartpunk Act Nominee Pay Tribute To Their Hometown With ”Hypertension”


With most bands in our scene, it seems like you either hate your small good-for-nothing hometown or you think of it fondly like another member of the band. 

For emerging post-hardcore outfit Nominee, it’s very much the latter as they love the city that helped them become who they are today.

Paying homage to the world-famous city of never-ending barbeque and South By Southwest – otherwise known as the live music capital of the world, Austin, TX – Nominee’s newest track “Hypertension” is a thank you to their home and all the fans who live there.      

“‘Hypertension’ is a tribute to our city and day-one supporters,” says the band. “Austin has had our backs since the beginning, and in our travels throughout the last six years, we’ve noticed how lucky we truly are. Our scene doesn’t just support our band but almost every band and art as a whole. We’ve seen the same faces for years and years over now and that support is unwavering. Our friends show out every time.”

The Texas-born band went on to add, “Austin has been in a transformation since we started this band. It’s becoming more costly and nearly impossible to live in the city. While we, our friends and supporters get pushed further and further away geographically, we haven’t gotten any further apart. We’re all here to stay.”

To check out Nominee’s new single which is available via their new home Smartpunk Records, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to grab an extremely limited edition lathe cut 5" of “Hypertension” here.