Noise Exclusive: Hear Pop-Punk Newcomer Anson Look For Better Days With “Runaway”


Figuring out the right time to pursue your dreams full-time is never easy. As an up-and-coming musician, especially in the year 2020, when is the right time to quit your day job and chase your goals of making it big in the music industry? 

Currently without shows and streaming income basically becoming non-existent, LA-based singer-songwriter ANSON has wondered the exact same thing.

Letting his frustrations fly free in his new Broadside-sounding single “Runaway,” ANSON is ready for his time to come soon.

“Outside of music,” he says, “I work a day job and always dream about the day music will be my full-time gig. I patiently wait for the day to finally runaway from the mundane and really get my career rolling. This song is an ode to that sentiment and a hope to one day break the system.”

He continues: “‘Runaway’ was one of the first songs I wrote specifically for my new album back in early 2019. Before this, I already had a collection of songs I had been working on for the album, but none that rang true to what the album’s premise was about. This song is about longing for more in my life than being a cog in the machine.” 

To check out the new track, which ANSON says encompasses the lighter pop-punk side of his forthcoming debut album a note for you to find…, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more the We Are Triumphant-signed act, head here