Noise Exclusive: Hear Pop-Punk Act Gold Steps Tackle The Grief Of Losing A Loved One With “Empty Space”


Losing a loved one is never easy. No matter how you to try and prepare yourself for the inevitable, saying goodbye one last time is pretty much an impossible task. 

After the loss of her grandfather, Gold Steps vocalist Liz Mauritz was feeling this in more ways than one as she grieved the loss of a close family member and struggled to watch her grandmother lose the love of her life after being married for over 70 years. 

“Seeing my grandmother cope with my grandfather passing devastated me,” Mauritz explained. “Their marriage was the bar I set for my own and I can’t imagine losing my other half.”

Feeling down but also inspired to pay tribute to her grandfather in the best way she knows, Mauritz took some time to put together a brand new pop-punk track titled “Empty Space.”  

“The pain of losing a loved one is universal,” says Mauritz, “and ‘Empty Space’ is about the aftermath and anguish of life moving on while you’re stuck in the cycle of grief. The video is about losing a significant other – and it can be taken as a physical loss of death or the end of a relationship, though it is more influenced by the former. We wanted to capture the moments [when] you miss their presence, their smile, their smell, and how being reminded of them can derail an entire day. The places you used to share now feel hollow and haunted without them around. Maybe the only way to move on is to donate their clothes and other belongings that remind you of them, but you hold on to the pictures and the love letters. The pain can get better, but though it might fade, it never goes away; that’s the essence we wanted to bring to the video.”

To check out Gold Steps emotional new track and video premiering today on what would have been Mauritz’ grandfather’s birthday, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from the Austin-based act, head here.