Noise Exclusive: Hear My Immortal Enemy’s (ex-I Am Ghost) Nostalgic Post-Hardcore Ripper “The Laughing Heart“


Remember the mid-2000′s post-hardcore scene? Of course you do. Most of you probably celebrate it often at your local emo night. But how about the year 2006 specifically? 

While that time might not jump out at you right away, it was a pretty monumental period for the post-hardcore genre as Underoath dropped Define The Great Line, Senses Fail released Still Searching and Epitaph Records was pumping out Escape The Fate’s Dying Is Your Latest Fashion, From First To Last’s Heroine and Lover’s Requiem by an up-and-coming band called I Am Ghost.

Now 13 years later, with a lot of those bands breaking up, getting back together and evolving into new versions of themselves, how about we throw it back to ‘06 with a nostalgic new single encompassing all the things we loved about that era of music.

Today, upstart outfit My Immortal Enemy (featuring ex-I Am Ghost vocalist Steve Juliano) is teaming up with The Noise to premiere their debut single “The Laughing Heart” taken from their forthcoming album Akuma.

Talking about today’s premiere and all the hard work it takes to spread the word about his latest band, Juliano says, “We are extremely excited to release our first song off our debut album. When you’re a new band like us, it’s tough to get noticed by the world – by anybody really. It takes music lovers with open minds and hearts to check out upcoming bands and give them a chance. We thank everyone who pushed that play button and gave this track a listen. If you enjoy it, we have ELEVEN more coming very soon!"      

To give "The Laughing Heart” a listen and take yourself back to the glory days of Myspace, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more My Immortal Enemy, head here