Noise Exclusive: Hear Luna Aura Speak Up For Women’s Sexuality With Powerful New Single “Crash Dive”


Photo by: Quinsey Sablan

People of the world, in case you haven’t noticed, there’s a pretty powerful movement going on. A movement that’s been years in the making. A movement, that frankly, is long overdue. The movement we speak of is the recent call to action for female empowerment.

Now it really shouldn’t take some music website like us to break this news to you as all around the world powerful women like politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are speaking out on this issue on a daily basis. But nonetheless, here we are. 

Helping do our part to shine a small but hopefully impactful light on this very important matter, today The Noise is premiering an eye-opening new single from emerging solo artist Luna Aura. Titled “Crash Dive,” Luna’s outspoken new track focuses on women not being ashamed of their bodies nor their own sexuality. 

“‘Crash Dive’ is a visceral and vital song about what it’s like to be a female who feels disgusted by her own sexuality and desires in a society that only gives you two options as a woman: virtuous angel or slut,” explains Luna. “This song is about me giving into myself in a way that I never felt I was allowed to growing up. Because, as a female, it all starts there. If I can make the choice to own my body, then I can make the choice to own my world.” 

To check out Luna Aura’s grungy guitar-driven track backed with a rather serious message, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from Luna, head here