Noise Exclusive: Hear Kaonashi’s Dark & Twisted Tale Of High School Life With New Blistering EP ‘Why Did You Do It?’


Whether you’re freshly graduated, about to begrudgingly “celebrate” your 10-year reunion or you’re still stuck in the monotonous abyss of grade 9-12, we can all mostly agree high school life is pretty shitty. 

From the constant and overwhelming struggle to fit in, the boring and brain-numbing classes to the shithead insecure bullies and your very first heartbreak, high school is hardly anything close to the “best time of your life.” 

Taking this idea to a whole nother level, self-proclaimed emo mathcore outfit Kaonashi have put together a brand new concept album which follows the story of a fictional high school troublemaker named Jamie who struggles with manic depression, a bully named Morgan and a failing relationship with his longtime crush Casey.            

“Why Did You Do It tells the story of Jamie, a student attending Lemon House High going through the motions,” explains the Philadelphia four-piece. “Teachers, classmates, work, parents, love, loss, depression and so much more come into play; all the factors of pressure going through a high school boy’s mind.” 

Sounding like a spastic progressive metalcore rendition of Suicidal Tendencies’ “Institutionalized” or Gym Class Heroes’ As Cruel As School Children, Kanonasi’s new album is not for the faint-hearted. Hard-hitting and thought-provoking, the band’s latest seven-track release is an honest and open take on life post grade school soundtracked by technical guitar riffs and chaotic vocals.

To check out your first look at Why Did You Do It? which features a special guest appearance from The Contortionists’ Michael Lessard, be sure to stream the record below exclusively on The Noise. Afterward, make sure to pre-order the album before it officially hit stores this Friday.  

Tour Dates:

Headlining Dates w/ Cryptodira, Vatican
11.23.18 Radioactive Events Center Kittanning, PA
11.24.18 The Tiger Room Louisville, KY
11.25.18 New Brookland Tavern Columbia, SC
11.26.18 New York Pizza Greensboro, NC
11.27.18 Voltage Lounge Philadelphia, PA
11.28.18 Charlie’s American Cafe Norfolk, VA
11.29.18 Sidebar Baltimore, MD
11.30.18 Amityville Music Hall Amityville, NY *No Vatican
12.1.18 Casa Di Francesca’s Buffalo, NY *No Vatican and Cryptodira

Support Dates for I Set My Friends On Fire, Lil Lotus
12.12.18 Chrome Albany, NY
12.13.18 The Lost Horizon Syracuse, NY
12.14.18 Webster Underground Hartford, CT
12.15.18 Lando’s Corning, NY
12.16.18 Bungalow Bar & Grill Manchester, NH
12.17.18 Gloom Garden Burlington, VT *No ISMFOF and Lil Lotus