Noise Exclusive: Hear Hardcore Supergroup Funeral Fires Share Pissed Off Single “Sasquatch Iced Tea”


If there’s one positive takeaway this quarantine has shown us, at least in the music industry, it’s that all this time away from touring has allowed musicians to get creative and focus on other endeavors. 

Other endeavors like… side projects.

With various new groups popping up left and right within the heavy music scene, today we’re stoked to add another one to people’s playlists – Funeral Fires.

Featuring Adam Cichocki (Gatherers), Brandon Gallagher (Coarse, Trace Amount), Matt Popowski (Tidal Gloom, ex-Gatherers), and Kyle Galloway (ex-Lakota De Kai, Kingmaker), Funeral Fires is a noisy no-holds-barred band that started as an idea all the way back in 2016. 

Now finally finding the time to release music, the aggressive act is teaming up with The Noise to showcase their bruising lead single from their debut LP BLOOD OF THE RAT$

Titled “Sasquatch Iced Tea,” the spastic 92-second track takes influence from bands like Fear Before the March of Flames, The Chariot and Norma Jean. 

Commenting on the song, bassist Brandon Gallagher says, “This track definitely has some of my favorite riffs and experimental textures. A lot of shakers and finger snaps. The bass lines on this track were super fun to mess with because Adam is a groove machine.” 

Gallagher added, “The record goes in a lot of different directions, but I think the intensity we get on this track is super rad. If I have any say on how the new stuff will sound [laughs], I’ll definitely reference this track. More sass & finger snaps.” 

As for the heavy lyrical content behind the song, vocalist Kyle Galloway states, “‘Sasquatch’ has a bit to do with me getting off of hard drugs and the inspiring people that came forward to me about my and their drug use and what they told me that helped them steer clear of a relapse.” 

To check out “Sasquatch Iced Tea,” be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from the band plus additional info on BLOOD OF THE RAT$ which hits stores August 28th, head here.