Noise Exclusive: Hear Half Hearted Explore A Toxic “Vicious Cycle” With Moving New Single


We know it’s a little early in the year to start declaring things but there’s a chance we might be bringing you the official breakup song of 2020. Premiering exclusively on The Noise, today we’re excited to debut Half Hearted’s anthemic love-lost track “Vicious Cycle.” 

Written all about a relationship gone wrong, the latest track from the Hartford four-piece focuses on the turning point where things go from good to oh so bad.      

“‘Vicious Cycle’ is about being in a toxic relationship and realizing that neither one of you are good for one another,” says the band. “More specifically, it talks about the exact moment where you determine that everything is too broken to be fixed. Both parties need to just move on and try to stay as sane as possible.”

To check out Half Hearted’s new song and possible soundtrack to your next big breakup, be sure to look below. For more from the band, including info on their debut self-titled album due out March 20th, head here