Noise Exclusive: Hear Guardrail Question Our Reality With Outspoken Single “‘Til We’re Dead”


“Is this really our lives right now?” “Am I living in a simulation?” There’s no doubt these questions have probably crossed your mind over the past few months.

With everything going on in the world and new events popping up on what appears to be a daily basis, it’s pretty hard not to wonder whether or not this is actually our reality.   

Putting music to these uncertain times and mulling over what’s left for the younger generation is Chicago-based outfit Guardrail and their honest pop-punk track “‘Til We’re Dead.”   

“Is this really it? It feels like we’re missing something,” says the band about their new track premiering today on The Noise. “Rather than a bright future, we inherited a broken planet and a broken system. We keep waiting for it to get better, but will it ever get better?”

The outspoken four-piece added, “The single ‘‘Til We’re Dead’ follows the concept that our generation is constantly striving for and chasing something, yet we’re not even sure what it is, leading us to feel unfulfilled again and again. The video (shot and produced by Phil Goode), depicts that chase for the unknown that may or may not satisfy the empty internal void we feel.”

As for the band’s upcoming EP Yikes, which is due out September 25th via Open Your Ears Records, they admit it will be very similar to the subject matter of “‘Til We’re Dead.”

“The EP has an overlying theme dealing with the turmoils our generation is facing as we approach and enter our 30’s,” they said. “We wrote these songs last year and had no idea that things would get even wilder in 2020 but we want the listeners to know that they’re not alone.”

To check out Guardrail’s new track and accompanying music video, be sure to look below. To pre-order the band’s new EP, which a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Milwaukee Freedom Fund, head here.


01. Really?
02. Anyway
03. Shipwrecked (feat. Garret Rapp)
04. Belly-Up
05. ’Til We’re Dead
06. Yikes