Noise Exclusive: Hear GEARS Give You The Motivation You Need With “Stronger Than Pain”


We probably don’t need to tell you this but music can be a pretty great motivator in times of uncertainty. And with now obviously being one of the most uncertain times in what seems like forever, how about some motivational music to help you get through it?

Coming out of Miami, FL, today we’re excited to premiere a fiery new single from hard rock outfit GEARS. Titled “Stronger Than Pain,” as you can imagine from a title like that, the band’s new track is pretty galvanizing.

Detailing the new Sevendust-like song, drummer Jimmy Wooten says, “We’ve actually been sitting on this song for a while now.  With everything happening in the world today, it just seemed that now would be a good time to unleash it.” 

Wooten adds, “It’s meant to be a battle cry that empowers us and says, ‘we will overcome anything that comes our way. We are STRONGER than everything we face.’ I think it’s more fitting now than we would like to admit. We all hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and strong.”

To check out GEARS’ powerful new track which is sure to help motivate you to get through another hard-fought week of quarantine, be sure to see below. For more from the band, head here