Noise Exclusive: Hear Ex-Members Of The Dangerous Summer & Woe, Is Me Come Together For New Project Called Dim


What happens when you mix former members of The Dangerous Summer and Woe, Is Me? A calming emo outfit with an angsty metalcore edge? No, not even close. 

In the case of emerging Atlanta act dim – featuring Ben Cato formerly of The Dangerous Summer, ex-Woe, Is Me member Matt Mulkey, along with guitarists Nick Lowry and Charlie Pinkard – you get a riveting pop-influenced group with soothing rock sounds similar to the likes Emarosa, The Spill Canvas and Have Mercy.

Showing off their first of many new tracks together, the brand new four-piece is teaming up with The Noise to premiere their impressive debut single “Start Over Again.”

Diving into the gripping new song, Mulkey explores the inspiration behind it asking, “Have you ever been stuck in a circumstance not knowing what the right move is? It sometimes leaves you feeling completely lost or trapped inside your mind…searching for more to life vs. the mundane job or relationship you wish to get out of. You know you need to truly find yourself and move on, and leave behind everything that didn’t serve you but you get stuck wanting to try again, to give things another shot. This is the emotion we tried to capture in ‘Start Over Again.’” 

Mulkey later added, “Whether it’s a relationship or your entire life, all of us sometimes get lost in the world wondering what we need to do next. As the song says, ‘To start something new or mend what has been, why do I wish we’d start over again?’”

To lose yourself in dim’s fascinating, saxophone-featured track taken from their forthcoming album due out later this year, be sure to look below. For more from the band, head here.