Noise Exclusive: Hear Dearist Defeat Life’s Toughest Struggles With Emotional Single “Colours”


Look, as some of you may know, life can be pretty fucking heavy. No, not like Slayer heavy – just heavy. At any moment, without any sort of warning, your entire existence on this earth can change for better or worse. Just ask Dearist vocalist/guitarist Adam Binder.

Opening up to The Noise about the band’s hard-hitting fast-paced Sonder single “Colours,” the candid frontman shared a devastating story about he and his wife.

“The lyrical content [for ‘Colours’] is quite dark, I don’t think I’ve spoken before about what this is about, but I will,” he said. “Basically, a few years ago I saw my then-girlfriend (now wife) get hit by a car and I think about the things that happened that day often and how lucky she is.” 

Binder added, “[‘Colours’ is] inspired by how she must have felt as she lay there in the road waiting for the ambulance to arrive. It’s not specifically about her on that day but more about anyone that has been through an experience like that.”

Like we said previously, life can be pretty fucking heavy. Thankfully though, Binder’s wife has recovered from the accident and the two recently celebrated being together for 10 years.   

As for Dearist’s new music video for “Colours,” which The Noise is exclusively premiering today, Binder told us it was actually inspired by the TV show Fargo.

“This video came about from Lee, [Jarratt, guitarist] watching episodes of Fargo. We thought it would be really interesting to do the video split-screen style with loads of close-ups. We had planned on doing a story element to the video like we have with our last couple of videos but when we started watching some of the shots back we loved how this captured the band in a live setting. Just fast raw and to the point.”

To check out Dearist’s new performance video for “Colours,” be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pick up a copy of the band’s latest Spartan Records release Sonder here