Noise Exclusive: Hear Danny Goo’s Gloomy Genre-Blending Single “Better Off”


What do you get when you combine the alt-emo musicianship of Movements with the emo rap lyricism of guccihighwaters? Not sure? Don’t worry, we’ll help you out.

You get emerging Dallas artist Danny Goo. 

Fusing the rock and hip-hop subgenres like a mad scientist, Goo has slowly but surely built a name for himself within the SoundCloud community.   

Now looking to branch out further, the skillful songwriter is teaming up with The Noise to show off his latest masterpiece – his sorrowful single “Better Off.”

Detailing the dejected new track, Goo states, “Sometimes in life we want things that aren’t always what’s best for us and sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we are faced with letting go of something, or even someone that we love because deep down we know its what’s best for you as an individual.” 

“This inner battle between holding onto someone you love versus realizing that you would be better off without them,” he adds, “is a tough reality to accept littered with uncertainty and a fear of being alone.” 

Touching more on what the song represents, the young vocalist said, “‘Better Off’ depicts what I went through when I realized deep down my partner wasn’t right for me but was still filled with so many feelings for them. It’s hard to love someone so much but know deep down they don’t have what it takes to be what you need. ‘Better Off’ is my way of coping with this sad truth.” 

To check out the somber new single produced by longtime collaborator JoJo Centineo, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from Danny Goo, head here.