Noise Exclusive: Hear Daniel Wonacott (Finch, Speak The Truth...) Step Out With New Solo Project A Thousand Lights


If you’re a fan of Finch or their Buddy Nielsen side-project Speak The Truth… you’re probably well aware of the emotion and pain the beloved bands evoke all throughout their sensational songwriting.

Looking to carry a similar passion and excitement over into his new solo endeavor, Finch and Speak The Truth… guitarist/vocalist Daniel Wonacott has just announced his newest band A Thousand Lights. 

Teaming up with The Noise to premiere the punchy title track off his forthcoming debut album Love Songs For The Lonely, Wonacott explains, "I wrote this record to deal with the things happening in my life and what I was seeing in my friends’ lives: divorce, depression, alienation but also hope and love. I wrestle with manic depression and have tried to put my energy into songwriting to help me understand myself and create something that people can relate to.” 

Wonacott added, “We’re all lonely at times and everyone’s life is complicated and three dimensional. I wanted to create a record that reflects that.”

For your first look at Wonacott’s new self-written, self-produced, self-mixed, and self-performed album Love Songs For The Lonely before it hits stores November 1st, be sure to check out the title track below. Afterward, for more from Wonacott and A Thousand Lights, head here.