Noise Exclusive: Hear Crash The Calm Explore The History Books With Eerie New Single “Devils”


Is there anything more terrifying than reality? With so much Halloween-themed content at the moment, it’s almost scarier just to watch the news instead. 

With that sad reality, as we approach such a monumental, life-altering election, it’s important to remember how to process things that are simply out of our control. 

Constructing a track about this very thing, Long Island act Crash the Calm have written their new single “Devils” about a rather interesting time in US history – no, not today but instead the 1930s Dust Bowl era.

Taken from their concept album A Town Named Nowhere, the band’s new song and forthcoming album center on the inhabitants of a fictional place which existed during a period of severe dust storms that historically damaged the American prairies.

Commenting on their moody new tune, vocalist/guitarist Brian Dowling says, “‘Devils’ is really just about weathering the storm and the ways in which we deal with existential circumstances outside of our own control.” 

“In the dust, dirt and chaos that ensue,” he says, “if we give up on hope, then we are all inevitably bound to scatter.”

To check out the song and its ominous lyric video, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from the band, head here