Noise Exclusive: Go Infrared To Explore Emerging Noisemakers Levels And Their Latest Single “Fade”


If you’ve been a consistent supporter of The Noise, there’s a very good chance you’re familiar with Arkansas metalcore outfit Levels. After first premiering their cat-and-mouse music video for “May Flower,” then exclusively streaming their punishing self-titled LP, the Little Rock five-piece is back with even more exciting content.

Today, the band is teaming up with The Noise to debut their brand new music video for their nu-metal-like track “Fade.” 

Discussing their Taylor Snapp-directed video which was shot entirely in infrared, drummer/clean vocalist Dalton Kennerly says, “The video is about struggling with addiction in any form. It’s about the internal battle with one’s self as they go through the process of overcoming it.”        

As for the new Sylar-sounding single, Kennerly said, “We went outside of our comfort zone with this song to create a new sound that might potentially broaden our audience while still keeping some of the original Levels sound present.”

To check out the new creatively shot visual for “Fade,” be sure to look below. Afterward, to download the track, head here.