Noise Exclusive: Get Ready For Devil’s Night With Windchimes’ Devastating Debut EP ‘Enervation’


Is there any better way to prepare for Devil’s Night than streaming some dark and twisted metal and deathcore? We didn’t think so.

Teaming up with The Noise to showcase their chaotic brand of face-melting destruction, today we’re excited to be offering an exclusive look at the debut EP Enervation from Western Pennsylvania act Windchimes.  

Coming in at six explosive, genre-fusing tracks, the band’s new release touches all corners of the heavy metal universe like some sort of Fit For An Autopsy meets Oathbreaker meets Full Of Hell Frankenstein – seriously, it’s that good. 

Commenting on EP, the band said: “This album is the accumulation of our negative energy directed into a form of art. We used the experience of writing and self-recording Enervation as a cathartic release of what we were all going through during that time. We hope you hear what we say and can relate to these feelings.”

For your first taste of what will surly be one of your favorite heavy releases of 2020, be sure to look below. To purchase the record, which officially hits stores tomorrow, head here. For more from the band, head here.