Noise Exclusive: Fellow Robot’s Epic “Tools Of War” Video Might Just Be The Best Thing You’ve Seen All Year


If you’re a fan of post-apocalyptic worlds where things are run by renegade robots, then Fellow Robot’s new animated video for “Tools Of War” is about to become your new favorite music video.

Following a sort of Black Mirror storyline where humans are seemingly obsolete (or at least brainwashed by technology), the band’s new video follows a young rebellious robot as it tries to rage against the machine, so to speak, and escape from its pre-determined fate of becoming a part of the robots’ evil plans.

“The video for [”Tools Of War”] is a stunning masterpiece that Michelle and Justine Prebich have carefully crafted,” says vocalist Anthony Pedroza. “This is the first glimpse of Fellow Robot, the character on station FR29 where he is uploading his memories through music to save humanity. We hope you enjoy!”

As for the song itself, Pedroza says, “’This is the first song Luis, Jon and I worked on together. Little did we know, nearly two years later, that it would be released on our debut album and be the first of 50-plus songs that Fellow Robot has produced. We are excited to re-release it with the talents of Michael Adams on lead guitar.” 

To check out Fellow Robot’s mesmerizing new video (which will no doubt be in the running for our music video of the year), be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pick up a copy of the Long Beach outfit’s recently released album The Robot’s Guide to Music Vol. 1 which is based on Anthony Pedroza’s forthcoming sci-fi novel of the same name.