Noise Exclusive: Explore The Explosive Yet Infectious Sound Of Wilmette’s “Rancho Cucamonga”

Ever wondered what would happen if you combined the melodic infectiousness of Hot Mulligan with the sheer aggression of a band like Senses Fail? Like a new age Four Year Strong, Sleepy Hollow, IL outfit Wilmette is providing fans the perfect balance of pop-punk energy and screamo aggression.

Showing this off with their brand new track “Rancho Cucamonga,” the inventive five-piece is teaming up with The Noise to showcase just how diverse their musical tastes can be.  

Commenting on the song and accompanying music video directed by Alex Zarek, guitarist Griffin Guge said, “Out of all the songs on our newest EP, ‘Rancho Cucamonga’ definitely has the strangest/wildest instrumentation. It seemed only fitting that the video should have a similar outlandish look to it. The colors and font are similar to that of our EP art, and the on-screen lyrics harken back to a time where lyric videos seemed to be everywhere.”

To check out the new single from Wilmette, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order their upcoming self-titled EP due out September 25th on Mutant League Records.