Noise Exclusive: Explore The Darker Side Of Ska With Victory Kid’s “Stepping Out”


A fun fact about The Noise: We absolutely adore ska music. The sounds, the vibes, the outfits, the dancing, everything. We love, love, love ska. 

So, while in our current quarantine state bummed out about the world, when we were hit up about premiering a new ska track, you better believe it lifted our sprits and we jumped at the opportunity immediately. 

Coming from SoCal four-piece Victory Kid, today we’re pumped to share the band’s latest single “Stepping Out.” 

Commenting on the track which appears on the band’s upcoming Chillenials EP (due out later this year), vocalist/guitarist Harrison Nida says, “This is one of our favorite songs on the record and we’re so excited to release it. Ska punk is such a fun genre to write and play, because while it’s intense and can tell a heavy story, it sounds so uplifting. ‘Stepping Out’ isn’t an original concept for the genre, but we look to modernize it while appreciating its roots in a similar way that we approach ska as a whole.” 

Nida adds, “We are proud to be releasing checkered music while we stand as allies with persons of color. America is going through a painful transformation and we hope to see it resolve as a country that is inclusive of people based on the merit of their actions and ideologies alone.”

To check out the track and its accompanying music video starring America’s Next Top Model winner Jourdan Miller, Charley Rossman (Superbad, CSI) and Claire Montgomery, be sure to look below. For more from the “Tuck Frump” penmen Victory Kid, head here.