Noise Exclusive: Explore Odd Failed Friendships With Goddamnit’s Driving New Single “Pieces Left”


What’s the strangest reason you and a friend stopped hanging out? Maybe they stole your girlfriend or simply told you your choice in music sucks. For us, we stopped hanging out Willy Carlson in the 7th grade because his younger sister Jessie blamed us for breaking her *NSYNC DVD – we totally didn’t do it.  

Nonetheless, when it comes to failed friendships, it’s important to remember that friends come and go but music lasts forever. And for that reason, today we’re stoked to share a brand new track from Philadelphia punk outfit Goddamnit all about, you guessed it, ruined friendships.

Talking about the inspiration for the new track “Pieces Left” taken from Goddamnit’s forthcoming split with French act Traverse, guitarist/vocalist and former Super Hi-Five member Arik Victor said: “When a friendship grows apart I’ve seen people blame it on astrology, the weather, money or so many things that don’t really have anything to do with the actual connection or friendship.” 

To check out the new single, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order Goddamnit and Traverse’s split LP before it hits stores March 13th via Creep Records.