Noise Exclusive: Even Though Life Sucks, There Are Bands Like Con Etiquette To Help Save The Day


If the New Year didn’t exactly bring on some sort of positive mindset or newer outlook on life (you know, like all those overly upbeat (and probably fake) “influencers” on Instagram), today we have just the song for you. 

Coming in at three minutes and 51 seconds of vibed out emo rock similar to the likes of Have Mercy or Microwave is Con Etiquette’s soothing new single  “Anywhere.”

Speaking about the emotional new song and what it represents personally, singer/guitarist Antonino Lappostato told The Noise: “‘Anywhere’ is about feeling defeated and continuing to push through that. In life, we are constantly put through obstacles that challenge us in a multitude of ways. I hope this song reaches people that are currently struggling and feeling defeated [and] that they can get through whatever they’re going through.” 

Lappostato added, “I struggle to keep up with my mental health and sometimes I feel like it will get the best of me but I have to remind myself that it will get better.“

To check out the powerful new track from the Connecticut four-piece, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from Con Etiquette, head here