Noise Exclusive: Discover Orlando Newcomers Felicity Via Intense New Video For “Hit And Run”


Post-hardcore fans, get ready to welcome a young up-and-coming band to your new artist radar. Out of Orlando, FL, meet the A Day To Remember-inspired, Silverstein-sounding outfit, Felicity. 

Combining infectious hooks with pulverizing breakdowns, the fiery five-piece is ready to become a scene staple with songs like their latest breathtaking release “Hit And Run.”

Teaming up with The Noise to debut their new music video for their first-ever Adventure Cat Records single, the band is bringing attention to a close call they encountered while driving home from a concert.

“[‘Hit And Run’] is one of the more personal tracks for us because it was inspired by a near-death car crash we were in,” says the group. “We were driving home after a show one night being safe like the good law-abiding citizens we are, but a driver who wasn’t a law-abiding citizen ran through a red light and t-boned us on the passenger side. They never stopped to check if we were okay and fled the scene, which not only showed us how lawless life can be, but how important it is to be aware of our actions and the affect it can have on others.”

“Although our car was totaled and the driver was never found,” they added, “we’re grateful to have walked away with our lives (shoutout to Mazda) and to have a newer outlook on life.”

As for Felicity’s new Sean Maple-directed music video, the band notes, “The storyline is pretty much Damien driving around town with this ghost as the passenger – which was meant to symbolize the guilt he would’ve felt had one of us died in the crash since he was driving. To be a little more light-hearted with the video and make something people would enjoy watching while getting the message of the song across, we used tons of b-roll car crash footage casted from a projector to give the ‘dark’ tone.” 

“But the Pièce de Résistance,” they concluded, “easily was the junkyard scenes with a bunch of broken down classic cars because who wouldn’t love that!?”

To check out the band’s intense new video and fall head over heels for the promising young act, be sure to look below. For more from the Adventure Cat Records signees, head here.