Noise Exclusive: Discover A Sense Of Hope With Happy.’s New Fan-Featured Music Video For “Background Noise”


Leave it to a band called Happy. to bring us all together during such a shit year. 

Doing their best to provide wholesome, uplifting content in a time of so much doom and gloom, the emerging pop-punk act is teaming up with The Noise to premiere their brand new music video for “Background Noise.”

Featuring home videos from members of the band plus cheerful memories from various fans, Happy.’s new video is sure to put a smile on your face. 

Discussing the new song and video, vocalist/guitarist Tate Logan said, “‘Background Noise’ is a song about unconditional love for someone in your family through all of life’s hardships. With this year being so difficult, we created a visual that reminded us and fans of our loved ones and of great memories.”

Logan adds, “Most of the video is us as children experiencing some of the best moments of our lives. The rest of the video is incredible submissions from fans of moments that brought them joy before the world flipped upside down. We hope this video gives fans a comforting nostalgia while also encouraging them to appreciate the relationships they’ve grown over their lives.”

To check out the new feel-good video in support of the band’s upcoming record Imposter Syndrome, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order the album before it hits stores October 30th via Rude Records.