Noise Exclusive: Big Loser’s “Blisters” Will Help You Reconsider Things About Your Quarantine Mate


For all those currently quarantined with their significant others, we’re sure you’re quickly learning things about each other you didn’t know before – like maybe how your boyfriend is an obsessive clean freak or that your girlfriend refuses to use coasters on your antique coffee table. 

Regardless, with how things are going in the world today, it’s important to overlook these newfound nuances because you’re probably going to need that person to survive these unprecedented times – yes, even if they refuse to put the toilet seat down after they pee.

Pointing out these common quarrels between partners and how silly most of them truly are is alt-emo outfit big loser via their brand new track “blisters.”     

Talking about the new single taken from their upcoming album Love You, Barely Living, vocalist/guitarist Chase D. Spruiell said, “‘blisters’ is a reflection of both the dissonance and harmony between men and women. We have major differences, we constantly fight each other, but when it comes down to it, we still need each other.” 

To check out the band’s new track and accompanying music video directed by Tanner Goheen, be sure to see below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order Love You, Barely Living before it hits stores April 3rd via Black Numbers.