Listen Up: Can’t Swim Share Bouncy New Track “In Between”

Gearing up to hit the road next month with Movements, Gleemer, and Super Whatevr, alt-emo newcomers Can’t Swim (aka one of our favorite new bands) have just dropped their second new standalone single “In Between.”

When asked about the new track, vocalist/guitarist Chris LoPorto opened up saying, “Oftentimes, I get sidetracked and focus too much on tricky word play and mysterious metaphors to finish up the lyrics of a song. Perhaps it’s a way to feel less vulnerable, knowing, hoping the meaning of what I’m trying to say might go over or under a few people’s heads. With ‘In Between,’ I did my best to do the opposite. I tried to have the lyrics sound like I am simply having a conversation with an old friend. Musically too, I think it has a very meat and potatoes type of approach.”

LoPorto continued to add, “In the studio, we had the conversation of [the song] being simple and straightforward and what we could do to combat that, but then after listening to it for weeks, we decided that’s exactly what we liked about it. In short, don’t mess something up with trying to be 'creative.’ The best ideas come from somewhere else, just gotta grab 'em when they do.”

To check out Can’t Swim’s infectious new track, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to grab tickets to see them out on tour here.