Learn To Embrace Life’s Selfishness And Zone Out To Geometers’ Mighty Track “Schematic” (Noise Exclusive)


photo by: Eric Michael Pearson

As we’re sure most of you are very well aware, working a dead-end job is one of the shittiest and most life-draining things anybody can experience. Be it a server, a parking attendant or a coffee barista, getting caught up in life’s hamster ball of working just to get by is something we definitely don’t recommend. 

Sharing this same notion is Brooklyn post-punk outfit Geometers with their gritty and hot-blooded single “Schematic” – which, we’re extremely excited to bring you the exclusive premiere of today.      

“‘Schematic’ is about how everyone has a plan for you except yourself,” explains vocalist/guitarist Kyle Pollard. “How we all eventually end up caught in this feedback loop of tasks that all seem to put everyone else first, and not in an altruistic way. Be it a job, friends, or just the day-to-day banalities of staying afloat. Feeling like your passions are permanently relegated to the back burner. Or, to put it another way, work sucks.”

“Even without the lyrics,” Pollard continued to add, “’Schematic’ is one of the angsty-er songs on the record. I think we were all working some shit out on this one, especially in the studio. I remember putting down vocals and walking into the control room where everyone was just sort of quiet - then someone looked up and asked, ‘Are you okay, dude?’ ‘Hahaha, no.’"

Continuing to touch on the song’s structure and its almost Thrice-like intensity, Pollard went on to say, “David’s drum fills on it are absolutely massive, some of my favorite on the record. And Sam just throws the baritone around. I love when the baritone comes out. It really shapes the direction that we head in while writing and allows for much more playful arrangements. He’s also a much more proficient guitar player than I am so it’s nice to get a lesson from time to time.”

To check out Geometer’s new middle-finger to conformity, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to pre-order the band’s forthcoming J. Robbins-produced album Pay To Live (where 100% of pre-order and first-week sales will be donated to Planned Parenthood) before it hits stores December 2nd via Jetsam-Flotsam and Codependent Records. Also, if you’re in the New York area, make sure to catch Geometers’ record release show December 11 at Sunnyvale.