If You’re A Fan Of Fall Out Boy And Mayday Parade, Stop What You’re Doing And Listen To Hungover’s Electrifying EP ‘WILT’


photo by: Nia Garza

Look, we understand your time here is valuable so let’s get right to the point: If you’ve ever gone through a miserable break-up and/or you used to listen to Fall Out Boy’s From Under The Cork Tree or Mayday Parade’s A Lesson In Romantics on a daily basis, get ready to fall absolutely head over heels for Hungover and their sensational EP WILT

WILT is a record about moving on and letting go,” explains the dynamic Orlando-based act. “The album title is an acronym for ‘When I Lose Touch’ and the lyrical content is focused around the idea that sometimes to make progress in life you have to get rid of the things and the people that weigh you down the most.” 

The band continued to add, “When we were writing and recording WILT we were going through big changes in our lives. We have grown up with this release and we hope you can get out of it what we put into it: heart, honesty and a hope for tomorrow.”

Featuring three new tracks – the infectious “Three’s Company,” our personal favorite “Exit - Stage Left” and the record’s dramatic closer “Sleep Alone” – The Noise is incredibly stoked to be streaming the band’s re-released, Smartpunk Records version of WILT before it officially hits stores this Friday.  

To check out the eight tracks that will without a doubt become one of your emotional go-to’s (seriously, we’ve had this stream for about a week now and it’s already become our new support system), be sure to see below. Afterwards, make sure to pre-order a copy here