If You Don't Know, Now You Know: Wilson

Before the charismatic afro-pop duo LMFAO ruined the term “Party Rock,” it wasn’t such a bad phrase to go by. If you played rock music, didn’t take yourself too serious and liked to have a little fun, you were indeed, party rock. However, now that the term is synonymous with top 40 radio, dancing gerbils and whatever the hell else the mainstream media did with that song, bands like Detroit’s Wilson will do anything to avoid it. But does that mean these five wise guys are going to stop partying any time soon? Probably not.

Instead, these rockin’ gents will most likely just continue to create music videos like the one for “College Gangbang” where a super hero vigilante hits the town with his magical tambourine and awesome partying etiquette. Now, if you’re thinking to yourself, “Wait a second, they have a song called ‘College Gangbang?’” you’re in for a treat with some of their other song titles. For instance, there’s the loud guitar anthem, “I Can Beat Your Dad” as well as the hard hitting, “Viking Pussies Fuck Off.”

With a sound similar to Maylene and the Sons of Disaster and the Cancer Bats mixed with the “Fight for your Right to Party” attitude of the Beastie Boys, it’s no wonder why we are such fans of Wilson. After a brief read through their bio which states, “Wilson is not a fucking ‘internet band’. They’re five dudes in a van with beards and big dicks working harder than your parents,” we knew for sure we had share them with the world.

If you think you’re down to hang with these rad dudes from the mid-west, be sure to pick up their latest album Full Blast Fuckery which hit stores back in 2013.