Check Out Party Animals Wilson And Their New Video For “Windows Down!”

Detroit, MI outfit Wilson has been formulating quite a reputation for themselves as one of the last true party bands left in rock n roll. Proving just that, the guys have released a brand new video for their single “Windows Down!” documenting their lives out on the road.   

“With this piece we wanted to take you into the belly of the beast of Wilson,” says vocalist Chad Nicefield. “We pride ourselves on being 5 doods that work hard so we can party hard. The footage here is mostly taken from our recent adventures overseas, where we headlined shows for the very first time outside of North America. We shared rooms with some incredible people while over there. Embraced our roots of small sweaty venues and even spliced in footage of Wilson at home and in our stank box of a van, Betty White.”

Nicefield continued to add, “[The video] truly captures our spirit as a band and the objective we have set out to accomplish – FUCKERY WORLDWIDE. Buckle in you freaks ‘cause it’s ‘Dicks Up, Windows Down!’…and here comes that sweet, sweet fuckery sound.”

To check out the new clip, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to pick up Wilson’s new album Right to Rise as well as tickets to see them out tour here.