Hundredth Release New Synthy Remixed Version Of ‘Rare’ Dubbed ‘Ultrarare’

Continuing their progression away from melodic hardcore and into the world of synthy shoegaze-meets-new wave, Hundredth have just announced, and to the delight of many, surprise released their new remixed version ofapproach

Titled as Ultrarare, the band’s new release sees the band strip away certain aspects from their previous release and instead take on a newer, calmer approach – that is, according to vocalist/guitarist Chadwick Johnson.    

“The production of Rare was very focused — it was based around big, reverb-y guitars and driving drums,” he says. “I was listening back one day to the album and felt like some of the songs could be reinterpreted and take on a whole new vibe. I started toying around on a couple of the songs using synths instead of guitars and the songs went to a completely different place. Rare is a rush. Ultrarare is the comedown.”

To check out the band’s 7-track re-working of Rare, be sure to look below. Afterward, to purchase a copy, head here