Hundredth Share New Synth-Led Single “Bottle It Up” From Upcoming LP ‘Somewhere Nowhere’

Looking to top 2017′s eye-opening, shoegaze-sounding LP Rare, former melodic hardcore outfit Hundredth have just announced their brand new album Somewhere Nowhere

Set to hits stores October 9th, the band’s 14-track self-released record will see them dip even further into the world outside of guitar-based music. 

On the upcoming release, frontman Chadwick Johnson says, “The goal is still to make the music that we want to hear but now we’re just more influenced by things outside of guitar. I also couldn’t play a lot of these chords or create the same atmospheres on just a guitar. I can create more emotion or more complex arrangements when I use a digital piano or synth.”

For a taste of what’s to come from Somewhere Nowhere, be sure to check out Hundredth’s lead single “Bottle It Up” below. Afterward, make sure to pre-order the new album here

01. “Somewhere Nowhere”
02. “Out Of Sight”
03. “Bottle It Up”
04. “Leave Yourself”
05. “Silver”
06. “Whatever”
07. “Iridescent”
08. “Slack”
09. “Why”
10. “End Up Alone”
11. “Cauterize”
12. “Burn Slow”
13. “Way Out”
14. “Too Late”