Hear Hundredth Go Full Cure-Mode With New Singe “Leave Yourself”

Proceeding to dive further and further into their new world of post-punk and synth-driven music, former melodic hardcore outfit Hundredth has just premiered their third new track of 2019. 

Following where they left off with “Cauterize” and “Whatever,” Hundredth’s newest single “Leave Yourself” is a throwback, 80′s-sounding track inspired by the one and only, The Cure. 

Discussing their latest song and its Cure influence, vocalist/guitarist Chadwick Johnson said, “‘Leave Yourself’ started out with the loose aim of trying to write our version of ‘Just Like Heaven’ by The Cure. Obviously we veered from that path along the way but it’s funny to think about where songs start. While we were putting together the instrumental we almost ruined it by trying to overcomplicate it. When I went to write lyrics and vocals, I decided to play on that exact concept. We often overthink and overanalyze rather than relying on instinct.”

Johnson went on to add, “The song is about the dichotomy of wanting to do everything and nothing at the same time. It’s both an external question of possibility and a solution to internal scrutiny. Ultimately, ‘Leave Yourself’ is a song about getting out of your own way.”

To get out of your own way and check out Hundredth’s impressive new single, be sure to look below. 

via Flood Magazine