Here Are The Top 10 Most Anticipated Fall Tours Coming Your Way

Do you smell that? No, not the smell of your disgusting roommate leaving out his leftover asparagus for the hundredth time – AGAIN WITH THE ASPARAGUS, STEVE?! What we’re talking about is the crisp and golden smell of fall.

With us being three weeks into September, that means two things: We’re one step closer to sweater weather and finally, the fall tour schedule is upon us.  

That’s right, without even looking at your phone calendar, we can bet you’re already anticipating an incredibly busy next few months. With countless bands announcing plans to tour later this year, we know you have a handful of different shows you’re looking forward to. 

So to help get you pumped for the upcoming tour season, we’re listing 10 of the best forthcoming fall tours. From hardcore heroes Every Time I Die to pop-punk mainstays The Story So Far, this our list. Enjoy!  

Note: To make this list fair, we left off our upcoming Noise Presents tours with Behemoth and Atreyu. We know those tours are STACKED and all but we didn’t want you thinking we only promote our own stuff. Also, according to the all-knowing Google, fall runs from September 22 - December 21. So please don’t annoy us with “December isn’t fall, that’s winter!”  

The Story So Far // Turnover // Citizen // Movements 


Starting things off, we’re pretty sure this is the definition of a “dream tour.” Very rarely do you see a four-band bill as perfectly balanced and aesthetically pleasing as The Story So Far, Turnover, Citizen, and Movements. To say we’re excited about this tour would be is a total understatement. 

Beartooth // Knocked Loose // Sylar


Is it possible for a tour to still be highly anticipated even though it’s already started? Well since we’re the ones making the list, that’s a definite yes. Kicking off late last week, Beartooth’s headliner with Knocked Loose and Sylar is one you absolutely do NOT want to miss – especially if you’re a fan of some of the craziest and most intense mosh pits you’ve ever seen.  

Every Time I Die // Turnstile // Angel Du$t // Vein


Speaking of craziest mosh pits you’ve ever seen, this tour will without a doubt create a few you’ll end up telling your grandkids about. “Hey, little Scotty. Let me tell you all about that time me and your Nana barely survived the Every Time I Die, Turnstile, Angel Du$t, and Vein show. It was 2018, ETID was celebrating 20 years as a band and our dickhead president had just made some bullshit tweet about Puerto Rico. Anyway, there was no barricade at the venue so we knew we were in for a treat…”  

Mayday Parade // This Wild Life // Willam Ryan Key // Oh, Weatherly 


The end of the year can be a stressful time for people. You know, with year-end goals to be met, finals to be passed and holiday gifts to be purchased. What better way to help end the year than with a chilled-out night on the town with Mayday Parade, This Wild Life, William Ryan Key (formerly of Yellowcard) and Oh, Weatherly? Yeah, we knew you’d agree.  

Good Charlotte // Sleeping With Sirens // Knuckle Puck // The Dose


“Stacked” doesn’t even begin to describe this lineup. When you have three bonified headliners teaming up, you know you’re about to get a great tour package. Add the nostalgia factor of singing along to “The Anthem,”  “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” plus “Girls & Boys” and you’ve got yourself a night you won’t regret thanks to Good Charlotte, Sleeping With Sirens and Knuckle Puck.

3oh!3 // Emo Nite LA // Lil’ Aaron


This is easily the biggest and best party package of the year. Forget Migos and Drake, 3oh!3 celebrating 10 years of their debut, breakout album Want! alongside Emo Nite LA and Lil’ Aaron is the only time we’ll be dancing “in our feelings” all year long – whatever that means. 

Thrice // The Bronx // Teenage Wrist


Any chance we get to watch The Bronx for more than 20 minutes a night, you can bet your behind we’ll be there. Add Thrice playing songs from their incredible new album Palms on top of that and yeah, this tour has our name written all over it.  

Waterparks // IDKHBTFM // AG // Super Whatevr


We’re serious when we say this: There’s a chance in about five years you’ll look back in shock remembering a time when Waterparks and I Don’t Know How But They Found Me toured together. With both bands on the heels of breaking into superstardom, you’ll definitely want to see the two play together when you can.

Silverstein // Hawthrone Heights // As Cities Burn // Capstan


You’d be a fool to question this making our list of most anticipated fall tours. Hell, Silverstein could be touring with a team of retired trapeze artists and we’d still include it. Instead, to help make this a true trip back to 2003 in celebration of 15-years of their album When Broken Is Easily Fixed, the post-hardcore vets will be bringing out Hawthorne Heights and As Cities Burn as well as Capstan. Better get your Myspace profile back up and running!

Underoath // Dance Gavin Dance // Crown The Empire // The Plot In You


In spirit of the big fight that just happened this past weekend (no, not Nicki Minaj and Cardi B), this is Underoath and Dance Gavin Dance round two! UØ and DGD II: the Battle of the Behemoths! Screamo vs Swancore! Who will come out victorious, you ask? Well, you will because this tour package, also featuring Crown The Empire and The Plot In You, is an absolute knockout. 

Honorable Mentions:

Stray From The Path // Silent Planet // Kublai Khan // Greyhaven 

Whitechapel // Chelsea Grin // Oceano // Slaughter To Prevail

Stick To Your Guns // Emmure // Wage War // Sanction

Real Friends // Boston Manor // Grayscale // Eat Your Heart Out

Terror // Harm’s Way // Backtrack // Year Of The Knife // Candy

Counterparts // Being As An Ocean // Have Mercy // Varials 

Seaway // Trophy Eyes // Microwave // Can’t Swim // Hot Mulligan