Here Are The 15 Best Sum 41 Songs According To The Amity Affliction, The Plot In You And More


Look, it’s not every day one of your favorite bands from your childhood asks you to go on tour with them. However, for genre-blending post-hardcore act The Plot In You (especially bassist Ethan Yoder), that’s exactly what happened for the upcoming Order In Decline World Tour.  

“My friends and I used to listen to Sum 41 a lot when we were first getting into playing music and starting bands,” explains Yoder. “I was about 11 years old and ‘In Too Deep’ came out with the release of All Killer, No Filler. I remember having my newspaper route, waking up in the mornings watching that music video and listening to other iconic bands of the time like Blink 182, Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy and Green Day. It was such a great time for music and to be at this point in my musical career and having the honor to play alongside [an] influential band is really exciting.”

As for Sum 41 and The Plot In You’s soon-to-be tourmates The Amity Alliction, bassist/vocalist Ahren Stringer shares a similar sentiment to Yoder saying:  

“I remember watching channel V (an old Australian music channel on cable) at home with my sister when I was about 12 years old and we were super into punk and metal (they barely played much of either, mind you). The first time we saw ‘Fat Lip’ come on TV we were like ‘HOLY SHIT! THIS FUCKING RULES!’ It’s such a sick video and song, it still gets me pumped. One of those instant classic songs that I think our entire generation can get as stoked when we hear it as we did the first time in our living rooms.”

See, like a lot of you reading this, Sum 41 has been that band that either got us into punk rock and pop-punk or they helped us realize there’s a lot better music out there than what they play on the radio. Whether it was the breakout All Killer, No Filler, the beloved Does This Look Infected?, the harder-hitting Chuck or any other of the band’s brilliant releases – including their recent LP Order In Decline – there’s no denying that the Candian five-piece has impacted bands and fans all across the globe.  

Now, to help get you all a little more excited for Sum 41’s upcoming US headliner, as well as their run of Canadian dates with The Offspring and Dinosaur Pile-Up, we asked Yoder, Stringer and Dinosaur Pile-Up drummer Mike Sheils to compile some of their all-time favorite Sum 41 tracks. To see if your personal favorites made the list, be sure to look below. Afterward, make sure to grab tickets to see Sum 41, The Amity Affliction, The Plot In You and Dinosaur Pile-Up here.

Ethan Yoder - The Plot In You


1) In Too Deep

2) Fat Lip

3) The Hell Song

4) Thanks For Nothing

5) We’re All To Blame

Ahren Stringer - The Amity Affliction


1) Fat Lip

2) In Too Deep

3) Over My Head

4) Makes No Difference

5) Motivation

Mike Sheils - Dinosaur Pile-Up


1) In Too Deep

I remember when I first saw the video for this song and I was like, “Holy shit!” It’s still spun all the time by us in the van, one of those songs that’ll always take you back to when you first heard it.

2) Fat Lip

I know, going for the obvious, but this is another undeniable song with a killer video. I can still sing every word.

3) Pain for Pleasure

This song hit me like the best Maiden song I’d never heard. Remains an absolute classic and such a great album closer.

4) Motivation

I remember relating hard to this when it came out, such a great hook.

5) Out For Blood

This song has such a sick vibe, super heavy and retains that classic Sum 41 edge of fun. Can’t wait to see this one live.