Here Are The Nine Overlooked Albums From 2018 We’re Most Thankful For


Happy Thanksgiving week, everybody! Before you all stuff your face with turkey (or tofurkey) and extra fluffy mashed potatoes, we’d like to stuff your headphones full of a few new records some of you have yet to check out this year. 

Featuring several of our favorite pop-punk, rock and heavy records that deserve a little extra time in the spotlight, below is a list of the nine overlooked records of 2018 we’re most thankful for.

To check out who made the list and might become your newest unknown obsession, be sure to look below. Afterward, if you missed out on the list of our five favorite underrated heavy albums of the year, head here.   

Spanish Love Songs - Schmaltz

If The Menzingers and The Wonder Years had a baby who was raised by a group of outspoken Fest-goers, we’re pretty sure that baby would end up like Spanish Love Songs – the band, not emotional love ballads from Selena. Penning some of the most honest songs to date (like “Nuevo,” holy shit is that song spot on), the Los Angeles outfit has quickly earned a spot on our radar with their brilliant A-F Records release Schmatlz

Like Pacific - In Spite of Me

Catchy, fast-paced and unapologetic, Life Pacific’s In Spite Of Me checks all the boxes you want from your next favorite pop-punk record. Following up 2016′s breakout debut Distant Like You Asked, the Canadian’s newest release is an instant earworm crawling into your brain and swimming directly to your heart with tracks like “Had It Coming,” “The Spring,” “Occupy Your Skin,” and “Self Defeated.” 

Notable Tracks: “In Spite Of Me,” “Had It Coming,” “The Spring”  

Crossfaith - Ex_Machina

It’s not every day you get a metalcore and Mortal Kombat crossover. Whether it was intentional or not, Crossfaith’s electronic-laced LP Ex_Machina is one “FINISH HIM!!” away from being our all-time favorite pump-up record. Oh, and not to mention, the blistering 13-track album also features guest spots from Ho99or and Enter Shikari’s Rou Reynolds. And as if that wasn’t enough already, the band also threw in a Linkin Park cover to top it all off. Yeah, you’re going to want to check this out.            

Notable Songs: “Catastrophe,“ “The Perfect Nightmare,“ “Freedom“

Drug Church - Cheer

Honestly, we aren’t even sure where to begin here. Being slightly embarrassed to admit we only listened to this record weeks after it came out, we want to make sure none of you feel the same way we do. So hurry up and hit play already. Enjoy Drug Church’s infectious 90′s-esque pop-punk-meets-hardcore-meets-shoegaze sound that we just cannot stop listening to.

Notable Songs: “Avoidarama,” “Weed Pin,” “Unlicensed Hall Monitor”

Bearings - Blue In The Dark

Talk about a record that swept us off our feet. Knowing nothing about the Canadian four-piece before giving their debut full-length a listen, Bearings’ Blue In The Dark quickly became an instant sing-a-long for us dominating our stereos on a daily basis – especially the undeniable bop “Aforementioned.”    

Notable Songs: “Aforementioned“ “Eyes Closed“ “Goodbye (To All Of Our Friends)”

Night Verses - From The Gallery Of Sleep

With all the hype surrounding Polyphia’s New Levels New Devils, it’s easy to see why labelmates Night Verses may have taken a backseat in the instrumental music scene. And with drummer Eric Improta spending most of his time behind the kit for Fever 333, we can understand how some of you may have missed out on this impeccable record. However, now that you have the chance to listen to the band’s first instrumental record since the departure of vocalist Douglas Robinson, it’s important that you dive in and embrace all the twists and turns this hard-hitting futuristic record has to offer.   

Notable Songs: “Copper Wasp,” “Vice Wave,” “Phoenix IV: Levitation” 

PVMNTS - Better Days EP

William Shatner, Steven Seagal, Eddie Murphy, Bruce Willis, Corey Feldman: These are all famous actors who have released some pretty awful music in their careers. Tyler Posey, better known for his role as Scott McCall in the MTV series Teen Wolf, will not be a part of that list as his band PVMNTS make some of the most nostalgic and feel-good pop-punk music around. Case in point: Their infectious six-track EP Better Days. Taking you back to the first time you heard The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck and Neck Deep, PVMNTS should be a band that’s not only on your radar but also in your Spotify “Most Played” list.      

Notable Songs: “Chemical Trails,” “Hit The Ground,” “Standing (On My Own Two Feet)”

Old Wounds - Glow

Yes, we are aware this record only came out a mere two weeks ago. However, in those two weeks, we’ve seen a surprisingly and disappointingly low amount of love shown to this beautifully dark record. Along with the gritty pit-starters like “Your God v. Their God” and “Give A Name To Your Pain,” Old Wounds’ latest LP also shows signs of significant growth with the AFI and Glassjaw-like tracks “Beauty Mark” and “Failed Design.” All in all, whether you’re looking to pit ‘till your eyes bleed or vibe your aggression away, Glow is the record for you.  

Notable Songs: “Your God v. Their God,” “Give A Name To Your Pain“ “Failed Design”

Emery - Eve

While this might not be your older sibling’s Emery who you uncontrollably screamed along to on tracks like 2004′s “Walls” or 2009′s “Cutthroat Collapse,” 2018′s version of the Seattle outfit stills shows signs of the band you fell in love with all those years ago. With heavy moments and throwback vibes tucked between emotional and, dare we say, “adult” tracks like “Is This The Real Life,” “Streets of Gold” and “See You On The Other Side,” Eve is the perfect balance between new and old Emery.     

Notable Songs: “Jesus Wept,” “People Always Ask Me If We’re Going To Cuss In An Emery Song,” “Everything That She Offered Me”