Here Are The 5 Movies That Will Without A Doubt Scare Real Friends To Their Core


One of the most important parts of being in a band is understanding your bandmates on a deep, interpersonal level. Being that nobody wants to share a van with someone they can’t get along with, it’s imperative to connect with your fellow musicians and understand everything about them. You know, like finding out what kind of food they enjoy, the types of video games they play, and, most importantly, which movies scare the living hell out of them.  

See, with Halloween right around the corner, it’s incredibly wise for bandmates to talk about the horror films that might give each other a tour’s worth of nightmares. That’s why pop-punk juggernauts Real Friends have been able to stick together for so long – they, especially guitarist Eric Haines, know exactly how not to scare each other. 

So, with Haines being such an expert on his Real Friends companions, we wanted to hear from him which five films he thinks would absolutely freak out the five members of the self-proclaimed Illinois sad boys. 

To check out which five flicks Kyle Fasel, Brian Blake, Dan Lambton, Dave Knox, and Eric Haines would totally be terrified by, be sure to look below.  Afterward, make sure to grab tickets to see Real Friends out on tour with Boston Manor, Grayscale and Eat Your Heart Out in support of their brand new album Composure.  

Kyle Fasel - Blank Check

Kyle knows the value of a dollar and the importance of saving money. Seeing a child recklessly spend one million dollars would keep him up at night for weeks! That velcro bounce wall was pretty cool though.

Brian Blake - Death Race

Our drummer Brian saw this movie and did not enjoy it. When on tour, it seems to be on TV a lot and I always want to watch it. At this point, uttering the title “Death Race” in Brian’s presence sends a cold chill down his spine.

Dan Lambton - Orange County

Dan is a chill guy. There is a scene in this movie where the acceptance letters get switched up and a chill guy gets into Stanford instead of the main character. That’s a whole lot of unexpected pressure for chill guy. Stanford seems like a scary place. Would Dan survive Stanford?

Dave Knox - Coin Heist

Hypothetically, If Dave went to a theater to see this movie, he would immediately leave after realizing that the objective in it is for kids to steal coins. He would possibly run out screaming!

Eric Haines - A Bug’s Life

A feel-good movie about bugs. About what?? Bugs? Ths is a horror movie disguised as a friendly animated film. I don’t think there is anything about bugs that gives me a good feeling.