Hear Hundredth’s Chadwick Johnson Go Solo With Two New Dream-Pop/New Wave Tracks

Just in case you’ve been jamming Hundredth’s new album RARE on repeat and want something even more shoegaze-y and new wave, you know like some New Order or Depeche Mode-type stuff, frontman Chadwick Johnson has you covered with his latest solo project Pure Violet.

Sounding like something out of an 80′s dream scene in some cult classic film, Johnson’s new music takes Hundredth’s latest non-hardcore sound and completely expands on it tenfold.      

“It’s basically a bedroom project,” explains Johnson. “I make all the music at home by myself. Most songs start with some analog drum samples and synthesizers and I just kind of go from there… I’d never felt like I had the production or songwriting skills to make music like this, but I think I’m starting to turn a corner as of late and it feels like the right time to put this into the world.”

To check out Johnson’s, we mean Pure Violet’s, new singles “Garden” and “Numb,” be sure to look below. To purchase the tracks, head here.  

[via Stereogum]