Gatherers Debut New Haunting Thursday-Inspired Single “Sick, Sad Heart”

Generally, when a band tells you their new song makes them think about their teeth falling out, that can mean one of two things. One) the song is so bad it makes your gums bleed or two) the song is about to haunt your soul in the best way ever. 

For New Jersey noisemakers Gatherers, it’s the latter as their brand new standalone single “Sick, Sad Heart” is a living, breathing nightmare come to life. 

“The lyrics [for ‘Sick Sad Heart’] were written from a visual place as always,” explains vocalist Rich Weinberg. “Although there’s no singular subject at hand, for me the song conjured up themes and visuals of inheritance, evil, sexuality, paranoia and masochism. To me, this song is the kind of dream where your teeth start falling out. It’s this constant ringing stuck behind your eyes every minute of the hour. It exists under the skin, tempting you to cut it out. The song looks like the contrast of blood against the porcelain in your sink.”

Like we said, an utter nightmare come to life.

“[‘Sick, Sad Heart’] lives in a completely different world from the songs on [last year’s album] We Are Alive Beyond Repair,” adds Weinberg. “Rob primarily plays baritone guitar and an OP-1, creating this ugly identity for the song. Anthony’s guitar sections created these massive backdrops for the song, especially during the outro. He created these moments that play out like a collision in slow motion. Musically, we were in part inspired by Radiohead’s ‘Climbing Up The Walls’ and the album Full Collapse by Thursday.” 

So in case you didn’t catch all that, pretty much, Gatherers have created a nightmarish new track inspired by the likes of Radiohead and Thursday. If that doesn’t excite you, we don’t know what will. To check out the song, be sure to look below. Afterward, for more from the band, head here.  

via Kerrang