Can’t Swim Share Dark New B-Side “Even In Death”

Continuing to churn out new b-sides from their impressive debut LP Fail You Again (see: “God Awful” and “In Between”), alt-emo newcomers Can’t Swim have just debuted yet another new track titled “Even In Death.”

“[’Even In Death’] was the very last song we tracked in the studio,” says frontman Chris LoPorto. “The song came from months of Mike [Sanchez, guitar] and I messing around with these riffs at sound check. Once I finally got a second to sit down and write the song, the riffs we had really did all the work and basically set the blueprint for how it would go. Danny [Rico, guitar] added a ton of atmospheric layers with feedback and reverb pedals - it’s almost another song under the song.” 

LoPorto went on to add, “Lyrically, it touches on the loss of a loved one and hoping to meet them at another time. In my opinion, it’s one of our more intricate, dark songs and I am excited to share it with people.”

To check out Can’t Swim’s emotional new tune, be sure to look below. Afterward, if you’ve yet to pick up a copy of Fail You Again, head here

[via Kerrang]