Album Stream: Discover Violet Night’s Anthemic Alt Rock Record ‘A N T I H E R O E S’


Can’t find anything to entertain yourself with lately? You’ve already binge-watched The Office and Schitt’s Creek for the fourth time and now don’t know what to do? 

Here’s an idea: Grab your best pair of headphones, turn out the lights and let Violet Night’s anthemic alt rock album A N T I H E R O E S take you to a new universe. 

Streaming today exclusively on The Noise, the new nine-track effort from the Toronto three-piece is the perfect press-play-and-forget-about-the-world recipe with such a wide array of genres all blended together.         

Discussing the new release, which officially hits streaming services this Friday, vocalist Connor Pohl said: “The funny thing about A N T I H E R O E S is it was originally conceived as an EP. It leaned a lot heavier on the indie/alt side of our sound. It took listening to it to realize something was missing — after all, indie and alt are prefixes to rock.” 

“Sure, we had added some industrial vibes on ‘Freak Me Up’ but there simply wasn’t enough energy,” he noted. “To nod back to the title of our previous LP, Colours of You, we weren’t showcasing our full palette – it was a little monochromatic. We went back to the drawing board to write and record a few more rock-leaning songs, plus a bedroom demo. No, seriously, the original version of ‘Superbloom’ was me playing as quietly as I could to not wake up my Toronto roommates.” 

“We kept as much of that tender energy in the album version as we could,” Pohl adds, “with the heavier stuff adding more than enough punch. Listening back now, I’m proud of what a well-rounded album we made.”

For your first look into the album as a whole, be sure to stream A N T I H E R O E S below. Afterward, for more from the band, head here



01. stay golden; we’re all the same in the dark
02. evergreen
03. freak me up
04. if (you) are the ocean (then) i would like to drown
05. hate me
06. superbloom
07. glow
08. wallflower (none of this means anything)
09. A N T I H E R O E S