Your Halloween Soundtrack Just Got So Much Better Thanks To Old Wounds


Whether you’re a horror movie fanatic, a candy-obsessed trick-or-treater or a dress-up enthusiast, there’s no denying that Halloween is one of, if not the, best night of the year. We mean, what’s better than getting hopped up on sugar and scaring your best friends with some terrifying attire, right?  

Pretty much, after a grueling past few months of drowning in politics, October 31st couldn’t have come at a better time serving as a much-needed escape from reality, even if it is just for one night.  

Now, in order to help ensure your All Hallows Eve is the absolute best it can possibly be, we reached out to hardcore newcomers Old Wounds to curate your personal fright night playlist – because c’mon, we all know without good music nothing can truly be that top-notch.

To check out the creepy and crawly tunes the New Jersey natives chose, be sure to look below. Afterwards, make sure to pick up tickets to see Old Wounds out on tour with Beartooth, Every Time I Die and Fit For A King here.  

KEVIN (vocals):

The Ramones - “Pet Semetary" 

This song was featured in Stephen King’s movie of the same name and on The Ramones record Brain Drain that was released in 1989. One of my favorite songs/music videos by The Ramones, and a perfect addition to any spooky playlist.

Ministry - "Everyday Is Halloween”

80′s pop/new wave turned industrial [when Ministry] put out this club hit in 1984. Summing up goth acceptance and culture, no Halloween playlist should be made without this song being spun. Pick cobwebs and dance the ghost with us.

MATT (guitar):

Michael Jackson - “Thriller" 

Do I have to explain this one? Sure it’s cliché but I can’t think of Halloween without hearing this song [and seeing the] iconic video and style. Always has, and always will be one of my favorites.

Neurosis - Enemy of the Sun

I remember hearing this record for the first time. It was real late and I was in my room alone. The intro to “Raze the Stray” creeped me [out] immediately.  I didn’t know much about the creepy world of sludge/crust metal at the time. This is the first record which made me want to explore the genre. This doesn’t have a “Halloween” theme, but Neurosis always reminds me of creepy shit.

ZAK (guitar):

45 Grave - Sleep in Safety

Not too many records give me the heebie-jeebies quite like this one. In my opinion, this is a quintessential death rock record. 45 Grave was a staple in the California death rock scene in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Spooky riffs and Dinah Cancer’s maniacal vocal delivery really make this one a perfect Halloween-time record. Or if you’re me, you listen to it year round. Key tracks: “Evil,” “Party Time,” “Surf Bat,” and “Riboflavin.”

Death In June- The Guilty Have No Pride

My next choice is the first record by the infamous Death In June. This was the first record I heard by the group and it got me hooked ever since. Side note, there are a lot of great Death In June records (Nada, The World That Summer, All Pigs Must Die). The Guilty Have No Pride is definitely very different from a lot of Death In June material. These songs are more along of the lines of goth/post-punk as opposed to the neo-folk style Douglas P. is famous for having a hand in starting. Warning: Do not listen to this record if you have taken too many dab hits. You will get scared and hide in your blankets. Or if you’re into that kind of thing, go for it and freak the fuck out. Key tracks: “Til the Living Flesh is Burned,” “Heaven Street,” “Nothing Changes.”

MIKE (bass):

Type O Negative- "Love You To Death”

For those who normally spend Halloween alone, this is the track to help you get situated for the evening. While listening to this song – yeah, you’ll wallow in your loneliness and wish you were dead, but during your moping you’ll be able to actually feel the semblances of despair, beauty and eerie eroticism between both song and season.

Fabio Frizzi - "Zombi 2 Theme”

Italy is known for pizza, which can be scary in its own way, but the soundtrack to Lucio Fulci’s 1979 zombie film Zombi 2 is far more haunting than a ball of mozzarella. Try listening to this one while walking alone down a dimly lit street at midnight. Gabaghoul, motherfucker.

BRANDON (drums):

Queens of the Stone Age - “Monsters In Your Parasol”

Queens have always done a great job of incorporating uncomfortable elements to their music. “Monsters in Your Parasol” is my favorite track off Rated R and everything about it is groovy yet spooky. The lyrics are reminiscent to those of either a bad acid trip or a B Horror Movie (“I seen some things I thought I never saw, covered in hair” ). A perfect rock song to jam before heading out to a Halloween Party with punch that might make you see things you’ve never seen before.

Gravediggaz - “Bang Your Head”

Gravediggaz was a hip-hop group from the 90’s spitting hot fire about hanging out in graveyards, killing and burying dudes six feet deep all with a horror movie vibe. If I was a serial killer, “Bang Your Head” would be my anthem. “Midnight marauder, bodies are getting slaughtered, bring a cross and a bucket of holy water.”